• Jeffrey Martin

    360 Photography Specialist

    Hello. I specialize in 360º imagery: panoramic photos, gigapixel photos, and 360 video. I am founder of 360cities.net (the world's largest panoramic photography platform) and the creator of Sphericam, a 360º video camera.
    I'm very excited about everything I am working on - I feel like I'm truly living in the future, and I am always trying to make things that have never been made before.
    Panoramic, 360, gigapixel, and aerial (quadcopter, drone) photography is fascinating because of the way it extends the human senses. With these tools, it is possible to see vast distances, to see everything at once, and to feel like you're flying. You can even do all of these things at the same time!
    Enjoy this site and please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about how we could work together, or if you just want to say hello.
  • Articles about my work

    Shooting Gigapixels in Tokyo

    I shot two very large (45 gigapixels, and 150 gigapixels) photos in Tokyo; one from the Tokyo Tower, and one from the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

    The result is two extraordinarily large photographs, capturing an entire city, allowing you to zoom in to see individual faces down on the street, and to see up to 20 kilometers away, all the way to the horizon.

    Guinness Book of World Records

    Yes, really. My London 320 Gigapixel image won a Guinness World Record (and is also displayed in the 2014 book) for "Largest Panoramic Image". 

    Boing Boing

    Cory from Boing Boing covers some of the more interesting activity from me and 360 Cities from time to time. Here is one article about the London 320 Gigapixel panorama.

    Wembley 360 - FA Cup Final

    I shot very large gigapixel panoramas at Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final. The result was that fans could zoom in and see a picture of themselves at the match, the very next day.

    Helicopter Panoramas in Tokyo

    I had a wonderful time with the folks from Asahi Shimbun, who invited me to fly around Tokyo in their Helicopter. I captured some panoramas that you might like!

    Strahov Library Gigapixel featured in WIRED Magazine

    "The finished Strahov library panorama, released Tuesday on Martin’s website, is a zoomable, high-resolution peek inside one of Prague’s most beautiful halls, a repository of rare books that is usually off-limits to tourists (a few of whom can be seen standing behind the velvet rope at the room’s normal viewing station).
    Martin’s panorama lets you examine the spines of the works in the Philosophical Hall’s 42,000 volumes, part of the monastery’s stunning collection of just about every important book available in central Europe at the end of the 18th century — more or less the sum total of human knowledge at the time."

    I was invited to write a short article in The Guardian about my experiences creating the Tokyo Tower Gigapixel photo.

    This photo got quite a lot of attention when we published it in 2013.

  • Gigapixel Photography 

    Some of the largest photos that have ever been made!

    I specialize in shooting extremely large panoramic photos of cities, usually taken from the top of a tower (but sometimes in other places, such as the Baroque library in Prague).
    These images are gigantic - one of them is officially "The world's largest panoramic photo" in the Guinness Book of World Records. They are made from thousands of individual photos, joined together precisely on a powerful computer. These photos are so large that they often take weeks or even months to finish. I only have a chance to make a small number of them every year. So, it's comparable in a way to writing a book - it's a huge job that takes a long time, and it's hard to make very many of them. 
    I've written a little bit about each of these images below, but if you'd like to just go and look at them, here they are:
    I am always looking for new locations to shoot, please contact me if you have any tips!

  • 360Cities.net

    Some brief bits about the company I founded in 2007


    A panoramic world created by people

    360Cities began with my desire to combine spherical 360º photos with a map. This was before google streetview, before google maps API - slightly futuristic stuff back in 2004! Living in Prague, discovering this wonderful and relatively new medium of interactive spherical photography, it seemed only natural to combine this inherently geographic type of photography with a map. Prague, being a stunningly beautiful place, seemed a natural fit for this obviously great combination of media.
    The initial version of Prague360.com was built by the talented Adam Trachtman, using a map of Prague that we found somewhere (there was no Google Maps - can you imagine? ;) and my spherical panoramas in QTVR format.

    When Google Maps API started to be available in 2005, it became possible for us to use a proper map for Prague360, but it also became possible all of a sudden to easily clone the site for any other city in the world! 360Cities was born. At the time I had been learning all about 360 Photography from various online communities, so I was already in contact with a number of other such photographers in other places. I invited some of the best ones to publish their images - 7 photographers started, and things grew from there.

    As of 2014, there are around 10,000 contributing photographers to 360Cities, with more than a quarter of a million high-resolution, spherical, georeferenced panoramic photos.

    Many of these 360 Photos are breathtaking, amazing images. Click these images to open the high-resolution, interactive versions:

    Richard Chesher's 360 Photos are amazing!

    Bread suq, Sana'a, Yemen by Stefan Geens



  • Sphericam

    The 360° Video Camera

    Sphericam is a fully spherical, 360 degree video camera. We had one successful Kickstarter campaign, and now we are back in stealth mode, working on something that is going to shake the video camera industry to its foundations :-) Go to the sphericam.com site and sign up for updates if you want to be the first to know more!
  • Where to find me

    You can hire me to shoot gigapixel images, aerial photos/video, and 360-degree photos of interiors, landscapes, people, or events. 
    I am also open to do consulting on various aspects of 360 / VR (Oculus Rift) photo or video production, e.g. conception, technique, planning, etc. for advertising, events, etc.

    360cities at gmail
    +420 608 076 502
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